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Alexander Rodin MD, PhD, MHI


Alex has insider experience in the optometry field, and several years of clinical experience.

He has over 3 years of hands-on experience as a project lead for the team of developers of a unique programming tool for clinicians, specifically automated retinal image recognition software, at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.

Yuri Kondratyev


A very important geek and professional software developer.

Aaron Miller, MSc, MHI

Executive Consultant, eHealth Technologies

Aaron provides research-driven solutions to the development of our products and business model.

He has a breadth of academic and professional research experience, including several publications and hands-on experience in the mHealth application development and implementation processes.

Key Awards and Achievements

  • Participated in the eHealth 2013 Conference, Ottawa, Applications Challenge Competition, with a novel retinal image recognition software «Retinal Processor»
  • Presented «EyeOnLine» — a business plan for the ocular telehealth initiative for the Rotman School of Management Business Plan Competition (Univesity of Toronto, 2012)
  • Presented a poster at theeHealth 2011conference in Toronto, on an open access ocular telehealth web-based project